Hi there, I'm new here.

English is my second language, so I'm kinda limited.

It's 6h45 where I live. Like a clockwork, I awake everyday at 6am no matter the hour I went to sleep, so I go to sleep early.

My interests: French language, books (genre fiction, political philosophy, French catholic writers, classics, etc), markdown, indie web, political philosophy, music (soul, jazz, country, rockabilly, metal, punk and oi - I don't use the Oxford comma for many reasons), blogging, tweaking my Android phone, comic books, etc.

More important than interests: friends.

More important than friends (if you are lucky like me): family.

I used to be a Catholic, but I lost faith after a long traumatic episode in my life. But with time I healed and I feel MUCH better now.

I dunno if I will fit in.